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In total the programme includes 72 panels, which are organised in 9 panel sessions, each with 8 parallel panels. In order to guide you

through the programme we have ordered the panels around thematic tracks. In total we have 5 specific tracks, which address the following,

widely formulated themes:

Track 1

Precarious and atypical work as a challenge for labour law

Track 2

Labour law and Industrial relations in (times of) crisis

Track 3

Institutional aspects of labour law

Track 4

Labour related social security law

Track 5

Purpose, scope and boundaries of labour law

Furthermore, each track includes a so called

'Mini Symposium

'. In these mini symposia we have tried to bring together panels that are

somewhat more related to each other.

Lastly, we have a

General Conference Track

, since the conference is not limited to the themes mentioned above, hence it is open to a

variety of research in the wider field of labour/employment law.

At the end of the programme a list of participants is included. For each participant we have indicated in which panel session he or she will

act, either by presenting a paper, being a discussant or chairing a session. This is indicated by the following abbreviations:

PS = panel session, followed by the number of the session;

GCT = general conference track; and

T+number = refers to the specific Track-theme.

Please mind that the programme was sent to the printer on 9 June 2015 and therefore any changes, in for instance titles of papers, after

this date are not included in this programme. See for the most up to date information the programme at: