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Welcome to the University of Amsterdam!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you at the 2


Conference of the Labour Law Research Network, organized by the

Hugo Sinzheimer Institute, Faculty of Law, of the University of Amsterdam. The venue is the Oudemanhuis (the

elderly men house) dated back to 1601, when these premises housed only 45 elderly men. Today we host 450

registered participants from 45 different countries, who will participate in a total of 72 plenary sessions, as well as a

number of excellent plenary speakers. The conference promises to be a very rich and stimulating event.

This conference comes after a time of prolonged crisis, which put labour and employment relations are under strong

pressure to change. Within this context of a long crisis and uncertainty about the future, we hope that this

Conference can be a moment of reflection on the present and future of labour law and employment relations. We

hope that the Conference will contribute to a better understanding of the functioning of labour relations and labour and employment law in

an international context. In order to stimulate the exchange of ideas, the reflections will take place in a large number of panel sessions

where we scheduled ample time for discussion. These sessions have a wide range of topics like the desirability of a basic income, the

methods of enforcing labour standards and the position of the self-employed worker.

Clearly, there is more than enough to discuss! We hope that you will find these three days to be inspiring, that you will meet old friends and

colleagues, and make and meet new ones, that the Conference inspires you to rethink labour law and enables you to improve it where

possible, and, of course, we hope that you have a very enjoyable stay in Amsterdam.

Best wishes,

Evert Verhulp

Director of the Hugo Sinzheimer Institute and chair of the Labour Law department of the University of Amsterdam