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Dear colleagues,

The Labour Law Research Network was set up four years ago, with the aim of advancing labour law scholarship by

connecting researchers from around the world. To do so, we have a website, where one can find new papers, as well

as information on events and other news relevant for labour law academics; we have a mailing list, which provides a

quick way to disseminate information to more than 700 labour law scholars; and we are holding bi-annual conferences.

The LLRN was set up as a network of labour law research centres/institutes (and labour law departments, where those

exist). There are now 54 centres in the Network, from every continent (except Antarctica…); we rely on the ongoing

contributions of these institutional members, and we are thankful for their support. Of course, the LLRN also serves

individual scholars (not associated with any centre) as well.

The first conference, held two years ago, was hosted by the greDTiSS centre from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, and was a

tremendous success. I am very excited to welcome you to the second conference, and would like to thank the fantastic team of the Hugo

Sinzheimer Institute at the University of Amsterdam for hosting this conference, which I am certain will be equally successful.

The LLRN conferences are meant to answer a need for conferences that are entirely academic (organized by scholars and for scholars), at

the highest academic level, and focusing specifically on labour law issues. We strive for conferences that are not only rigorous and

stimulating academically, but also inclusive, non-hierarchical, truly global, collegial and enjoyable. The program before you promises the

potential for such a conference; it is now up to us – the presenters, discussants, chairs and audience – to materialize this potential.


Guy Davidov

Chair of the LLRN Steering Committee